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Holiday domain sale

Real Estate License Plate

I buy domains on a continuing basis and use many of them for specialty business sites or to point to my blog or main business.  Occasionally it is a good thing to clean house, so I am offering these domains for sale via Godaddy Auctions:   – if you are a Google+ fan

Green real estate is becoming a big thing.  Some of you agents that read this blog might be interested in these:

New or seasoned Memphis real estate agents might be looking for new URL’s:

Some of you may be interested in social media:  (and I will also sign over the  twitter account @newmediamemphis)

Misc.:  (Yes, there are Luddites in the real estate business; here’s your chance to get all techie with them) (nice short URL.  Any real estate people interested in VRM?) (This one seems to have a lot of potential for a blog)

Well, see anything you like?  Go to Godaddy Auctions and bid.  I am ready to make some holiday deals.

Oh, by the way, I just bought while I was writing this post.


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Interesting Social Media and Tech Links for week ending November 26, 2012

My favorite links of the week from the best Social Media and Tech blogs and websites:

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Buy Art – Shop Local

buy local art  Good advice from our friend, Martha Kelly,  Memphis  Artist

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