Historic Memphis in pictures on these must-bookmark websites

historic memphis

The  tagline for Historic Memphis reads “You won’t find more vintage-historic Memphis photos, in one place, anywhere else on the internet”.  I think web surfers might be hard pressed to prove that statement wrong.  There is an excellent collection of pictures and historical background text here, in an easy to access format.

The website began life as part of the Memphis Tech High Alumni website, which is pretty incredible in its details about the old Tech High School.  Webmaster Gene Gill of Pasadena, CA, Dave French of Norcross, GA, and Maureen White of Counce, TN, have put in an amazing amount of work on the site.

There’s hardly a Memphis history topic, an historic building or place, or event from the 20th Century that is not covered here.  You can spend hours going through the easy to use tabs and links.  Check it out, and see if you don’t agree that this is a very useful Memphis resource.


Oh, lest this slip by, there is another Memphis history site, that’s a bit edgier  – Mall of Memphis brings the old Southeast Memphis Mall back to life, and  If you check the left side bar, don’t miss the link to Lost Memphis.  The site is the work of Doug Force.


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